Feroza.cloud Airdrop Claim – Is feroza.cloud legit or Scam?

The Feroza – will provide the backbone of the economy in The metaverse for everyone from the user to the casual player to the hardcore grinder. You can constantly earn daily profit with us using multilevel income system that includes possibilities to combine investments and tokens.

The aim is to target the global metaverse industry and provide an easy entry into the next generation of blockchain gaming.

Feroza Token aims to be listed on prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, ensuring wider accessibility and liquidity for investors. With strategic partnerships, Feroza Token strives to provide a seamless trading experience for users, fostering growth and value for the token.


TOTAL SUPPLY : 150000000

AIR DROP FREE : 16.6700%


ALLOCATION TOKEN : 25005000.00



For a limited time, We are giving away a substantila portion of Feroza Token for free. Simply follow the link and claim as many times as possible.

Buy Presale

The presale of Feroza Token is currently ongoing at the lowest price you can get anywhere. Token will be listed on exchanges after presale at a substantially higher price than during presale.

Referal Earnings

Feroza provides incentive to those who promote the Feroza Token. Simply generate your unique referal link and share to friends and associates in order to earn Feroza Token and USDT.BEP20 whenever they buy presale.

How to stake on ferza.cloud?

Once you have successfully
registered an account on
feroza.cloud you will be given a
welcome bonus of 250 feroza that
you can stake on the platform.
You can stake the welcome bonus
given to you by clicking on airdrop
stake on the platform to stake the
bonus and wait for the reward. At
this time of writing this review 1
feroza token worth 0.008$ with is
equivalent to 2$.

Is feroza.cloud legit or Scam?

You can contribute to the
information on this page. Is
feroza.cloud a scam? If you have
dealt with this business, how would
you rate it?
Please share your experience by
leaving a review below. Whether you
got in touch with the platform or
thinking of earning with it, feel free
to comment.

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