Review — Is legit or Scam? is a mining
platform that wants users to mine
on the platform and earn a
commission. Before users will start
mining on the platform they are
required to deposit a minimum of 10
usdt-trc20 to the wallet address
they provided on the platform.
The amount users is going to earn
depends on the amount of usdt-
trc20 they deposited on the
platform the higher the amount of
usdt-trc20 deposited the higher the
incomne. Review

Supported wallet: USDT-TRC20
Minimum withdrawal: 2 usdt-trc20
Withdrawal fee: 1 usdt-trc20

Is legit or Scam?

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information on this page. Is a scam? If you have
dealt with this business, how would
you rate it?
Please share your experience by
leaving a review below. Whether you
got in touch with the platform or
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